Channa Spa

At Channa Spa, we provide unique treatments that combine traditional Balinese and other Asian treatments with special healing methods with western knowledge of wellness techniques.


Keep up with your fitness routine in our state-of-the-art fitness center while you’re on holiday in Bali. The Griya Gym features a full set of free weights as well as quality equipment for both cardio and strength training.

Open heart meditation workshops

Experience a guided meditation that can bring relaxation, feelings of peace, calmness and happiness accessed through the connection with our spiritual hearts.

Reiki Tummo workshops

A Reiki TUMMO workshop is normally a one-day workshop. It involves theory, attunement, practice and discussion. This combination gives students a solid understanding of Reiki.


Did you know the way you walk directly affects your health, body shape and posture? Your posture, body shape and health are the reflection of the way you walk and use your body.