We Capture The Blissful Memories You Make!

Whether you’re here on a honeymoon or simply on holiday, Santai Hotel offers you the exclusive opportunity to treat yourself to a fully customized and private portrait session in Bali!

You will return home with an exquisite portfolio of sharp, impeccably balanced ‘picture perfect’ images to ensure that your very special memories from your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bali will never fade with time!

We offer you ultimate flexibility:

Each session can take just an hour or two, and we can stay together a full day.

The location – one or multiple – is your choice entirely! Many guests enjoy having the portrait session done in their villa and all around our resort; however we are also very happy to take you to a few special places in the area. You can fully trust us with a fine selection of romantic, authentic and scenic locations.

Depending on the duration of your stay, we either deliver your photos on a 4GB Bamboo USB drive. Yours to keep forever. Or if you have already checked out, we send them to you, using DropBox or WeTransfer.

Our photographer can fluently accompany you in English, French and Dutch.

Camera Shy
It happens quite often that guests share their concern about being or feeling camera shy, so for sure, you’re not the only one. Rest assure that our photographer is very aware of this, and offers a very casual, relaxed yet professional approach. Plus, we always try to organize a small meeting between you and her/him before hand so you get to know each other a bit, before the proper session. She/he will definitely help you chill and share some easy techniques to fight the shyness with ease and comfort. So far, we’ve always received great feedback on how easy, relaxed and fun the session had been!

The photo session will be added to your final invoice, to be paid upon checkout.

Every photo-session is both affordable and entirely tailor-made. Our prices depend on the number of locations, the duration of the photo-shoot and the number of final edited photos you desire.