Emerald Revitalization Treatment
Beautifying, Anti-Ageing and Healing

Emerald History

The Emerald has been called "The Jewel of Kings" and has been favored by royalty, aristocrats and nobles such as Cleopatra, Aristotle, Charles the Great, King Henry II, and Queen Elizabeth II. For centuries, it has been known that the emerald is a very special gem with exceptional abilities, including reversing the signs of aging, enhancing beauty, rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit, as well as promoting health and healing.

Heart Chosen Emeralds

The exceptional abilities of our emeralds lie in their natural rejuvenating and revitalizing energy. Though this energy cannot be seen, it can be clearly felt and its results are very distinctive. All of our outstanding emeralds are from Muzo, Colombia, the world’s source of premium emeralds. Each one has been carefully curated and chosen from the heart from ten of thousands of emeralds for their beautifying, rejuvenating, and healing energy.

All the Green of the Nature is concentrated within the emerald

  • Anti-ageing
  • Relieves Tired and Overworked Eyes
  • Revitalizes Skin
  • Reduces Wrinkles
  • Improves Meridian Flow
  • Releases Stress
  • Calms the Mind
  • Reduces Allergies
  • Clears Emotions
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Opens the Spiritual Heart
  • Enhances Spiritul Clarity

Real Experiences by Real People

"A dreamlike experience."
I was very surprised by the experience. It was wonderful! I felt like there was a circuit between the emeralds and everything in my body felt activated. I felt so calm and present at the same time.

— Martha Luz (Washington DC)

"I can’t wait until my next appointment!"
Every cell of my head felt like it was rejuvenated and my whole head was sparkling.

— Krystina Bone (Hobart, Australia)

It exceeded my expectations. My body was so relaxed. That night I had an amazing sleep after the treatment.

— T. Encheva (Las Vegas, United States)

"Everything we wanted and more”
The emerald treatments are unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Each time that I have one I feel a stronger sense of peace and calmness in my heart and find myself less reactive to situations. I look younger too! I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it’s magic and I am looking forward to my next one!.

— Krissy Hicks (Los Angeles, United States)

Our Treatments

The rejuvenating and anti-ageing effects that you enjoy will continue to multiply with routine Emerald Treatments


10 Heart Chosen Emeralds are placed on special points on your face and body to rejuvenate and deeply cleanse your whole body. The healing energy connects you to the Earth, relieves your mind, body and heart of any stress or tension, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, radiant and refreshed.

Price IDR 400.000++ - 60 min
Price IDR 2.000.000++ - 6 treatments
Price IDR 3.000.000++ - 10 treatments


10 Heart Chosen Emeralds are placed on special points of your face and body, while receiving Reiki Tummo energy healing. Combining these two healing energies will maximize the deep healing of your whole being, rejuvenating your internal organs all the way to your skin's surface, removing negativity, cleansing your mind, body and soul. This treatment helps you to recover from Jet Lag.

Price IDR 630.000++ - 60 min


10 Heart Chosen Emeralds. In addition to the benefits of the Royal Emerald treatment this treatment will also stimulate blood circulation and awakens the skin, leaving you feeling silky, refreshed, smooth and looking visibly more healthier. Recommended for those who often sit for long hours.

Price IDR 800.000++ - 90 min
Price IDR 4.000.000++ - 6 treatments
Price IDR 6.000.000++ - 10 treatments