Santai Spa

Let your mind and body relax at Santai Spa. At Santai Spa, we provide unique treatments that combine traditional Balinese and other Asian treatments with special healing methods with western knowledge of wellness techniques. Only the finest natural quality ingredients are used with our treatments to rejuvenate, stimulate, balance and relax your mind and body.Early bird discount! Book early prior check in and enjoy 10% discount off your treatments. Spa opening hours 9am-8pm.

Our Treatments are recommended for both Men and Women and can be tailored into couple’s packages.

The Santai Bliss

This treatment will relax your mind and body, boost your skins firmness and boost your energy. Warm oil massage followed by Galvanic Facial and finished with a very relaxing Reiki energy channeling.

Divine Beauty

3 essential treatments: The Santai Massage, The Santai Facial and your choice of manicure or pedicure. You may have these treatments all in one day or one at a time during your stay with us.


Galvanic Facial – Age Defence
Package offer: 3 x 1hr treatments

Galvanic facial removes impurities and slows down visible signs of ageing. After the treatment, you will feel your skin tighten, fresh and shiny and the visible signs of ageing have diminished and it continues for long time. For best result repeated treatment is recommend. Galvanic Facial is an exceptional skin treatment that helps solving many skin problems.

Minilift Facial
1 hr

Lifting facial is targeting to refresh dull & lifeless skin. The treatment consists cleansing, massage, applying lifting facial mask. Mini lift facial works immediately to lift, firm and tone your skin while reducing the appearance of line & wrinkles. These invigorating formulas will make you look younger and feel fantastic

Refreshing Facial
1 hr

A recommended beauty treatment to get healthy facial skin. It consists of facial peeling, massage, and applying facial masque. Facial massage will help to improve the skin’s tone and texture by increasing your skin cell's ability to renew at the cellular level while also stimulating collagen production for firmer skin.

Warm Oil Massage
1 hour 30min

Warm oil massage helps to improve circulation and relax muscle and nerve fibers of the whole body. We begin drizzling warm oil massage over the body through light rhythmic strokes with movement toward the lymphatic glandes to drain away toxins. This massage balances and restores vital energy flow and deeply relaxes the nervous system.

The Santai Massage
1 hr

A traditional Balinese massage technique originally used within family groups and passed on from one generation to another. The use of essential oils will help you to relax.

Foot and Leg Massage

A little luxury to relax your leg and feet and ease the tensions and revitalize this weight-bearing part of the body.


Package offer: 3 x 30 min treatments

Reiki is a form of ‘hands-on-healing’ in which the practioner works with universal life force energy to restore the client’s energy centers (chakras) to their most natural state of flow. This process helps to restore and strengthen the whole system- mind, body, spirit – for wellness. Reiki is great for anyone seeking relief from ailments such as stress, physical pain, anxiety, arthritis and depression.

Healing Massage
1hr 15min

Traditional Balinese full body massage combined with Eastern Reiki healing. This treatment is targeted for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.


1 hr

Creambath hair treatment is a traditional Indonesian treatment beneficial for elasticity, hair growth and damaged hair. A nourishing hair cream is applied to the hair along with a very relaxing scalp and shoulder massage.

1 hr

Give a little luxury treatment to your fingernails and hands. It consists of filing, shaping of the free edge cuticle treatments, massage of the hands and the application of nail polish.

1 hr

Pedicure consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, cuticle treatments, massage of the feet and the application of nail polish after.