2020-04-25 at 9:00 AM
Location: The Griya

Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop

Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop - 8.2.2020

SAT 8.2.20- 9am- 4pm

"Walking is man's best medicine"- Hippocrates ( Father of Modern Medicine) Greece 460- 370 BC

WELCOME to the Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop- Level 1

Our bodies have incrededible abilities to heal themselves and the most natural way to activate these abilities is by walking.

Each step taken correctly adjusts the legs, muscles, joints and spine and activates the natural healing process, also balancing at the emotional level and calming the mind, allowing our whole being to be balanced.

Join us awaken your natural healing abilities.

Price: 2.850.000rp/ person


Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop

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